Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports (PBIS)

At WIN Academy, we are Positive, Respectful, Involved, Dependable, and Striving for Excellence!

Our PBIS Mission Statement:

To create a safe and positive learning environment for students by promoting positive behavior that will help transition students back to their traditional home school setting.



WIN Academy 2021-2022 PBIS Team Members

Dr. Ronnie Walker - Principal-Leadership-Spotlight Data Administrator

Dr. Ami Lenderman - Assistant Principle for Instructions-Leadership 

Dr. Tina Nelson Jackson - Assistant Principle of Discipline- Leadership

Dr. Robert Cilbrith - PBIS Coach

Lisa Brown - Time Keeper/ Behavior Specialist

Melody Harris - Recorder

Amanda Daniel - Data Entry/Data Analyst

William Burley - Behavior Specialist/ Data Entry

Patricia Rouse - Behavior Specialist/PBIS WIN Support

Shamika Jackson - HS Co-Team Leader

Barbara Dunaway - MS Co-Team Leader

Dr. Tara Raines-Bryant - Community Involvement Coordinator/Communications

Maisah Holloman - Community Involvement Coordinator/Communications

Brenton Fogg - PBIS WIN Support

Matthew Lester - PBIS WIN Support

Jeanette Wolfork - PBIS WIN Support

PBIS Team 2021-2022

Please Click Below for the WIN Academy PBIS Kickoff PowerPoint 2021-2022!

PBIS Kickoff 2021-2022