Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports (PBIS)

PBIS Team 2020-2021

At WIN Academy, we are Positive, Respectful, Involved, Dependable, and Striving for Excellence!


WIN Academy 2020-2021 PBIS Team Members

Dr. Ronnie Walker - Principal-Leadership-SWIS Data Administrator

Dr. Ami Lenderman - Assistant Principle for Instructions-Leadership (Principal)

Dr. Tina Nelson Jackson - Assistant Principle of Discipline- Leadership (Principal)

Dr. Robert Cilbrith - PBIS Coach

Lisa Brown - Time Keeper/ Behavior Specialist

Melody Harris - Recorder

Amanda Daniel - Data Analyst

William Burley - Data Entry Specialist/Behavior Specialist

Valeria Drummond - Data Entry Specialist/Behavior Specialist

Patricia Rouse - Behavior Specialist/PBIS WIN Support

Christie Moss - HS Co-Team Leader

Barbara Dunaway - MS Co-Team Leader

Shamika Jackson - Community Involvement Coordinator/Communications

Dr. Tara Raines-Bryant - Community Involvement Coordinator/Communications

Maisah Holloman - Community Involvement Coordinator/Communications

Brenton Fogg - PBIS WIN Support

Matthew Lester - PBIS WIN Support

Jeanette Wolfork - PBIS WIN Support

Our PBIS Mission Statement:

To create a safe and positive learning environment for students by promoting positive behavior that will help transition students back to their traditional home school setting.



Please Click Below for the WIN Academy PBIS Kickoff PowerPoint!

PBIS Kickoff 2020-2021